The Psychic in the House: Your Work-Home Balance

Thriving in Business without Sacrificing Your Personal Life

A powerful and proven in-home psychic programme that will re-energize and harmonize your business, family, relationships, home, and total well- being.

Thriving in Business

Life today can be very stressful, especially if you’re ambitious in your work or creating your own business. It can sometimes feel impossible to achieve the balance you want with your partner and family obligations. You want to be a good parent and partner, but success is also really important! How to juggle them without sacrificing one or the other?

This challenge is intense and difficult. But the good news is, you don’t have to do it alone. Help is at hand.

Marie-Claire’s thorough 2-day psychic immersion programme is an invitation to restore harmony and love in your home, as well as balanced success in your business or work place.

This proven programme is designed to look at your business to answer questions about partners, associates, investments, the timing of decisions and how your business harmonizes and enhances your quality of life as an individual and as a family.

At the same time we will look in detail at the personal relationships among family members, the energy of your home itself, and how all of these interrelate.  

Benefits from taking part in this programme:

  • Create harmony in the home and strengthen relationships with your partner and children
  • Expand your business vision to include what you and your family need to thrive
  • Generate higher ROI on your time, energy and happiness
  • Strengthen familial bonds
  • Energize your house to be in tune with your needs
  • Stop operating by default as a parent, business person or spouse – find more time for the things that count
  • Break the chains of inherited behavior – we tend to mimic the behavior of our ancestors


Advantages to doing this programme in your home

The most difficult part of transformation is its impact on your daily life. With this unique approach you are able to work on the your transformation in your own home, integrated and inclusive of the lives of your partner and family. The change will be powerful and will be felt and enjoyed by the whole family.


How I like to run the programme:

In this 2-day programme, I will stay with you and your family (or at a nearby Hotel). This immersive experience allows me to connect with the energy of each individual and relate it to the family’s dynamic as well as energizing the living spaces to be in tune with each individual’s needs and the family collective.

How I work with the children:

My interaction with the children is totally informal and entirely led by you. I tend to go on family walks or engage with them while they play. The aim is that my visit blends in with their home life and also feels exciting to them. This enables me to read their energy and provide feedback to support your parenting.

What’s included in the 2-day programme?

  • Individual sessions to discuss ambitions for family, work and relationships
  • Joint couple intimacy sessions to align each individual’s positions on work and family
  • Readings for your business or work with Q & A sessions
  • Stabilizing and promoting energy in the house and living spaces

After the 2-day immersion I recommend at least three follow-up video-conference sessions to anchor the transformations and to fine-tune whatever changes you decide to put in place.

This proven programme aims to have a powerful, positive impact on the health of your business, relationship and well-being.


Working with Marie-Claire has been absolutely transformational.

What really surprised me was how simple she made challenging aspects of life to be.
She is a wise, laser sharp and non-compromising mentor, who serves your highest good every step of the way. This is a nurturing woman, grounded and spiritual.

Mentoring with Marie-Claire is worth months, if not years of studying and therapy.
So if you are tired of wasting your life and not getting where you want to be, Marie-Claire is your woman!”

“Working with MC is a very easy and non invasive process.

She is insightful and very experienced, which helps her get to the very root of what we, both individually and in joint sessions needed help with to go forward in our business and our relationship as a couple.

For us, we had MC stay in the house with the kids, dogs, cats et al. She was able to blend well with the family members, interacted wonderfully with the children in such a way that the actual work was only at an energetic level and they did not even know it was happing. We gained invaluable insights about the children as a result.

Finally she spent time wandering in the house and garden rebalancing energies and leaving our space with a blissful calm. After she left, my wife and I remarked that it was the first time since we had bought the house, several years ago, that we felt it was truly ours.

Marie-Claire is truly wonderful and we do not hesitate to recommend her visits as a life enhancing investment.

Alex Rolfe and family