As an Intuitive Life Coach, Clairvoyant, and Healer, I partner with you as a facilitator, channel and guide.

These sessions assist you in revealing how resourceful and powerful you truly are, regardless of the circumstances in which you find yourself at this time.

With a renewed perspective on your life, you are free to create and transform from your wildest dreams. Your world turns exciting and you become magnetic!

Marie-Claire, is the most phenomenal intuitive and clairvoyant coach I have ever worked with. I am a Transformational Coach and I have studied Metaphysics for over 30 years.  The work I have done with Marie-Claire raises the bar in every area, increasing my ability to explore my own gifts, as well as giving me a higher level of self-care and setting stronger boundaries. With her guidance, wisdom and clairvoyance, my spiritual work has gone deeper. Marie-Claire has also supported me on a practical level in my business. She is highly skilled in many areas and working with her has truly enriched my life!
Josette Diaz

Transformational Coach, San Diego


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