Thank you so much for sharing the Positive Intelligence Course with me, I’ve derived a lot from doing it. Once I got to realise the extent to which my mind was often functioning in a completely mechanical fashion, my head constantly full of all sorts of judgments and other mental detritus that was really getting in the way of what I wanted to share with other people, this was the starting point! I could see how my mind had been hijacked by my saboteurs, the voices in my head that always had something to say, whether wanted or not, and this defined the quality of my communications and consequently the quality of my relationships. In being able to identify at any given moment which particular saboteur was at work this gave me the option of tuning in to my Sage powers, my higher self and enabled me to communicate better and in a more heartfelt fashion than previously.

It has also served to bring new energy and awareness into my life with my partner who also did the course. Instead of getting caught up in our usual spats, trying to blame one another for perceived slights or misunderstandings and only getting more stuck and more self righteous, we have been able with our new tools to recognise more quickly what was going on between us, and navigate with love and empathy our new course. Qualitatively our relationship is better than it has been for years, is more harmonious and fun. Yes we can still go unconscious and slip into our old ways of being, but using our new toolbox, we can not stay in that place for very long!

So, many thanks again, Marie-Claire, for the course and being such a positive coach when we got stuck. Your support was really appreciated.